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Child Protection

  • Participate in child protection rapid assessment (CPRA) of child protection concerns and the CP context
  • Identify and provide training, support and mentorship to local authorities, natural helpers and CBCPMs volunteers on children concerns and rights. In areas lacking CBCPMs, assist in the selection and establishing CBCPMs in those areas
  • Provide direct and remote technical support to CBCPMs teams responding to CP concerns
  • Disseminate age appropriate information and advocacy and support to child mine-survivors
  • Ensure international guidelines, relevant documents and best practices including the minimum standards for child protection in humanitarian action are considered and share with local authorities and CBCPMs.
  • Raise awareness of parents, community leaders and policy makers about the health and right implications of girls marrying young and advocate for improved girls access to education and retention in schools, as it is key factor in delaying the age of marriage
  • Conduct identification of un accompanied and separated children through registration and reception processes, awareness- raising in the community and ensure that proper verification takes place prior to family reunification